• Welcome to Place of Hope

    Saving lives is our mission. Through our annual health clinics,
    we have come across patients who have had life-threatening illnesses and had to get proper emergency care at a hospital.  

  • Our Mission

    To provide food, clothing, and affordable health care to those in need.

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What We Do

The Place of Hope Clinic provides medical care and lab services at no cost to low income un-insured residents of Clayton County who are diagnosed with health conditions.

We provide the following services:

Primary health care

Mental health counseling

We have two primary care providers: psychiatrist and nurse practitioner that specialize in mental health counseling and medication management. Also, patients can speak to a social worker and/or case manager for further couseling.

Health education

Educational days that will be designated to a health professional’s expertise. For example, a nurse or doctor will provide health educational class to patients at the health clinic which include: Dental Day, Diabetes Day, Hypertension Day, Prenatal Care Day, etc.


We provide access to free medications through our in-house pharmacy.

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