The Place of Hope, Inc. is made up of considerate volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to provide our patients with exceptional health care. Basic medical services, mental health counseling, and health education are performed by doctors, nurses, dentists and other licensed professionals.


Place of Hope Inc, relies solely on its volunteers. We look for the expertise and experience of doctors, nurses, mental health professionals, and students to help as many residents in the community as possible.

What should I do to volunteer?

Are you a health professional (doctor, nurse, student, social worker, therapist, case manager) or just looking to lend your free time to a good cause? What better way to dedicate your time and effort to our charitable organization that truly helps those in need. Place of Hope, Inc. offers medical malpractice coverage at no cost for all of our licensed medical volunteers.  There’s always an area were YOU can serve here at the Place of Hope, Inc.


Place of Hope, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and depends on financial donations for support. We are made up of ALL volunteers and we need your help.

You can make a financial contribution to us through our website

OR checks made payable to Place of Hope Inc. and mailed to:

Place of Hope, Inc.

5405 Jonesboro Road

Lake City, GA 30260


Our staff work tirelessly with local community leaders, groups and organizations in hope of bringing the entire county together. We strive to educate all residents on the health benefits we provide. We host, participate and endorse several annual events, charities and seminars.

Visit on Facebook at Place of Hope, Inc to learn more about our upcoming events.

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